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Lebanese food celebrates life with dishes that are diverse, invigorating, and full of flavor

Lebanese cuisine is best enjoyed when shared. First courses take the form of Mezze dishes, which are served in the center of the table and shared amongst the group. Mezze dishes are served in medium portions and come in a range of dishes, from hot to cold, vegetarian to meat-based, and in some cases are eaten with Arabic bread. The best way to enjoy a meal is to select a range of different Mezze dishes, both hot and cold, and share among friends for an evening full of enjoyment and culinary delight. The genius behind Lebanese cuisine lies in its simplicity.

ORJOWAN is a family run restaurant that offers its guests a warm and comfortable atmosphere where you can simply enjoy the friendly service and the company of your friends while indulging in delicious, fresh and authentic Lebanese food.

ORJOWAN opened with a vision of creating Lebanese finest dining experience. The Chef infuses every dish he creates with his extensive knowledge, creativity and passion for perfection.

ORJOWAN is committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients. Our inviting decor and professional servers create a memorable dining experience.

Probably the most popular and well known out of all the middle-eastern cuisines, Lebanese food has a distinct flavor to it. Thanks to our rich cultural history and a profound impact of region on its flavor, Lebanese Cuisine is definitely one of the best one can find anywhere in the world.

Encompassing a perfect mix of dairy products, meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, food in Lebanon is one of the most colorful and well garnished cuisines that one can come across. The recipes are not only healthy, but because of the vast variety Lebanese food consists of, these recipes are great to taste.