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Lebanese Red Wines

St Thomas Red

 £ 16.25It has a fruity flavour with a hint of liquorice and has fine and balanced tannins.


 £ 17.75A bright intensered wine with an exotic fruity aroma


 £ 18.50This strong wine reveals a sparkling garnetred robe and a very pleasant smell. Round, with a fine bouquet, well balanced, this red robe wine is very easy to drink

Kefraya Les Breteches

 £ 19.50The smell recalls aromas of red fruits, grapes filled with sun and grilled almonds

Wardy Cabernet Sauvignon

 £ 21.50Rich dark and fruity with spicy finish. The French oak Nuances add to the powerful palate with vanilla and wood

Wardy Syrah

 £ 21.50An exceptional Syrah with subtle aromas of black cherries and liquorice. The taste reveals the full maturity of fruit flavours and smooth tannins.